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Analysis Report of Cango

Examination Report of CanGo Veronica Perla BSN460ON Senior Project Dr. John Martin September 7, 2009 Overview CanGo is an Internet new business that retails an energizing cluster of items and administrations, running from books and recordings to web based gaming, and values giving the best client care as far as item conveyance and backing. The company’s Web website is fun and simple to utilize; utilizing the most recent innovation in Web webpage advancement, item development, and administrations is the manner by which CanGo endeavors to give their clients the most energizing diversion. Most of CanGo’s clients are the Gen-Xers and the Gen-Yers, who appreciate the most recent in internet gaming and diversion. Under age, shoppers (under 18 years old) are overhauled dependably by requiring grown-up authorization for online buys. CanGo unequivocally values its workers and clients. The organization best serves its workers by including them in dynamic, staff preparing, and advancement. CanGo accepts that keeping their representatives persuaded and working at their maximum capacity can convert into the most ideal client assistance. There is a developing pattern that CanGo includes recognized inside the gaming business that will be used to bring the organization included achievement. This developing pattern is internet gaming. CanGo needs to turn into a pioneer of the internet gamming market. The expectation of the organization is to turn into a total example of overcoming adversity both as an online retailer and web based gaming administration. The organization has as of late been known as an example of overcoming adversity by the Hudson Valley Business Association. The CEO of CanGo, Elizabeth Bennet, has been named the Regions Business Leader of the year. Potential business people need to know how and why CanGo turned into an example of overcoming adversity. This prompts the qualities, shortcomings, openings and dangers that this Internet Company has and faces in its enterprising undertakings. S. W. O. T Analysis The data used to build up this examination was taken from the visual investigation performed on recorded scenes delineating staff association and friends elements. The perceptions will be isolated into interior (Strengths and Weaknesses) and outside (Opportunities and Threats) issues. Qualities CanGo has shown a couple of qualities in these starter scenes. Elizabeth Bennet, CEO of CanGo, is the company’s most prominent quality. Her vision of recognizing what customers need and how to get it to them at a lower cost is the thing that has made CanGo an example of overcoming adversity in Hudson Valley. This energy is brought through to the staff and is shown by Andrew’s excitement to assume the conceivably rewarding business sector of web based gaming. The CanGo staff is another of the company’s qualities. Each staff part carries an extra asset to the organization that can be used to improve profitability and advancement. For example, Debbie has authoritative abilities and an instructing foundation that can be used for preparing purposes. Preparing and improvement are qualities that effective organizations gangs. Using the abilities that each staff part brings can help CanGo become a greater example of overcoming adversity the nation over and not simply in Hudson Valley. These qualities additionally lead to CanGo’s shortcomings as an organization. Shortcomings These primer scenes likewise indicated a large number of CanGo’s shortcomings. The most evident shortcoming would be the absence of a dream explanation, statement of purpose and key arrangement. These shortcomings were made clear by Elizabeth Bennet’s dissatisfaction with the composition of the discourse she was to give at the Chamber of Commerce meeting. She expresses that her prosperity was nothing but karma and that everything she did was start another undertaking. A key arrangement is imperative to an effective organization since it controls and concentrates all staff individuals to explicit objectives and sets up a game-plan to accomplish them. Key arranging additionally fills in as an approach to guarantee that all offices inside the association share a shared objective. Another significant part to an effective business is the vision and statements of purpose. Vision articulations are composed for the association and its representatives. They are contained the fantasies and motivations of the association and where it is going. This announcement additionally fills in as the system for the organization’s key arrangement. Statements of purpose are a portrayal of the organization’s reason for existing. It ought to be gotten from the vision articulation and utilized as a guide while delivering a key arrangement. These three articles would have helped Elizabeth compose the Chamber of Commerce discourse by furnishing her with the establishment important to give the potential business people going to this gathering the how and why of CanGo’s achievement. There are a couple of other inside issues that plague CanGo and may block its prosperity if not tended to. The absence of task execution methods, authoritative aptitudes, the board inclusion and distrust can prompt terrible showing, bombed undertakings, and miscommunication. Actualizing an undertaking plan can assist keep with staffing individuals on course and pinpoint regions that may require uncommon consideration. This arrangement additionally helps ensure that tasks follow explicit ways to ensure convenient outcomes. Using the assets that staff individuals bring to the organization will guarantee that everybody has the right stuff important to achieve their targets. For example, Debbie Haynes was beforehand an instructor at the Drake School of Business; she has extraordinary authoritative and instructing abilities that can be used by CanGo to additionally build up the staff. Debbie can head a preparation course on the significance of sorting out, organizing and booking looming ventures utilizing Gantt outlines. These sorts of assets are inexhaustible inside any association; all that is required is to distinguish what sort of ability every specific staff part brings to the association. The last significant shortcoming is the absence of the executives contribution over the span of a venture. This is made obvious when Warren gave Nick the undertaking of making an execution report for web based gaming. Scratch was forgotten about to figure it all alone. The executives ought to be engaged with the arranging and usage of any task. For example, CanGo could actualize methods like research cutoff times, fundamental draft close down prerequisites and ranking staff group eetings to talk about the advancement of the venture. This will dispense with the opportunity for poor and expensive blunders. CanGo has the chance to mull over these shortcomings and roll out certain improvements that will improve the association all in all. This sort of progress will set it up to accomplish outer chances and manage outside dangers also. Openings CanGo has qualities and shortcomings as well as circumstances. These potential open doors are for organization development, expanded capital, new market adventures, and venture into different regions of web based business. There is an extraordinary open door for organization development both concerning increment workforce and potential mergers with other startup Internet organizations. As CanGo arrives at higher deals volume it will be important to fuse a robotized stockpiling and recovery framework. With the approaching 500 percent expansion in deals this coming Christmas season; CanGo needs to verify that their request satisfaction and preparing focus is prepared to deal with this conceivable increment. Each organization is searching for an approach to build its capital. CanGo has been getting ready to open up to the world which will expand its capital base. This sort of chance can likewise turn into a shortcoming because of the flightiness of the financial exchange. Be that as it may, if CanGo can effectively deal with its 500 percent deals increment during the Christmas season, this open door can end up being a worthwhile endeavor. CanGo’s most prominent open door is to fan out into new markets. Online business is a wide market that has a lot of chances for associations, for example, CanGo. The CanGo group may choose to grow and incorporate different things to their rundown of stock. Elizabeth Bennet’s dream was to assist customers with shopping and find what they need simpler and at a lower cost. In the event that she adheres to this way of thinking she may take CanGo toward Amazon. com or Overstock. com. Anything is possible for these sorts of chances. New market adventures might be an extraordinary worthwhile chance however it might likewise carry with it dangers. Dangers The CanGo association faces a few dangers like the chance of disappointment, loss of capital, and takeovers. Disappointment is famous for any association however it is particularly prominent for CanGo. The absence of a dream, statement of purpose and a key arrangement can prompt disappointment. Vision and statements of purpose are significant for any association since they not just give an away from of what the organization’s objectives and goals are nevertheless they likewise help give the staff a standard that ought to be met and kept up. Executing a vital arrangement is a crucial piece of any fruitful business and has been demonstrated to help bring a business through extreme financial atmospheres. Loss of capital is additionally a feasible danger. This might be brought about by claims, producer or seller insolvencies and low deals. Keeping capital secure is some of the time somewhat hard to do. This might be cultivated by buying obligation protection and utilizing an assortment of producers and merchants. Low deals are frequently legitimately connected to the monetary conjecture. This is some of the time hard to plan for and ought to be seen by the bookkeeping and account division to guarantee that the stock bought coordinate the potential deals and future market conjecture. Takeovers of effective organizations are likewise dangers that should be looked for. CanGo’s accomplishment as a little Internet web based business organization may make it a luring organization to buy. Contenders like Amazon. com and Overstock. com may feel that CanGo’s achievement is a power that should be co

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Is Employer of Choice brand is self-applied Essay

Is Employer of Choice brand is self-applied - Essay Example Associations ought to consider the recruiting procedure as the primary obstacle. The best test that anticipates each business is to hold representatives. Along these lines an association will have the option to recruit keen, and hold the best (Leary-Joyce, 2004). There are a few stages which can be set up by a business so as to turn into a business of decision. Each representative needs to be in a domain that is favorable where rules are very much characterized. Henceforth, a business needs to make and keep up a strategy structure which is far reaching by contributing time and assets. Clear strategies that helps in characterizing representatives lead, privilege and commitments is attractive when contrasted with a circumstance where choices influencing workers are made in an impromptu manner. Businesses of decision need to adhere to their own guidelines, most representatives favor a business, who watches manages in a steady way, and settles on choices in a fair-minded and principled w ay. Significant workers can leave an association because of choices that are viewed as conflicting and when they see their boss to be unreasonable. Besides, a business of decision must have trust on the representatives. For one to be a business of decision, one needs to depict trust and confidence among the representatives.

Fantasy V Reality †Streetcar Named Desire Essay

Dream v reality Keep in mind: AO1 impart obviously the information, comprehension and knowledge proper to abstract investigation, utilizing suitable wording and precise and sound composed articulation. DuBois World * â€Å"old south† mentality * Aging Southern beauty who lives in a condition of interminable frenzy about her blurring excellence * Beginning she was half rational, at that point contributing individuals drive her to craziness. * Loss of the real world, speaks to dream * â€Å"The condition of your life is simply an impression of your mindset.† * â€Å"It wouldn’t be pretend in the event that you put stock in me† †Scene 7 * Story of a changing South containing characters battling with the loss of gentry to the new American foreigner, the aftermath of gallantry to another mentality of sex and want, and a lady getting a handle on urgently at the last piece of imagination she can marshal. DuBois World * â€Å"old south† outlook * Aging Southern beauty who lives in a condition of never-ending alarm about her blurring excellence * Beginning she was half normal, at that point contributing individuals drive her to craziness. * Loss of the real world, speaks to dream * â€Å"The condition of your life is simply an impression of your mindset.† * â€Å"It wouldn’t be pretend in the event that you had confidence in me† †Scene 7 * Story of a changing South containing characters battling with the loss of gentry to the new American outsider, the aftermath of gallantry to another mentality of sex and want, and a lady getting a handle on frantically at the last piece of imagination she can gather. The structure of A Streetcar Named Desire is best observed through a progression of showdowns between Blanche DuBois and Stanley Kowalski. In the principal scene the showdown isn't so extreme, however it increments in seriousness until one of the two must be devastated. To see completely the locations of showdowns, the peruser ought to have a decent comprehension of what is in question in each experience. That is, he ought to see a portion of the contrasts between the DuBois world and the Kowalski world. Kowalski World * â€Å"new south† attitude * Beastly, Stanley has a bestial physical life that is obvious in his adoration for work, of battling, and of sex * Represents reality * â€Å"He acts like a creature, has an animal’s propensities! Eats like one, moves like one, talks like one! There’s in any event, something sub-human †something not exactly to the phase of humankind yet! Truly, something †chimp like about him, similar to one of those photos I’ve seen in †anthropological studies.With his Polish family line, he speaks to the new, heterogeneous America† †Scene 4 (Blanche) * Destroys Blanche’s dream Kowalski World * â€Å"new south† attitude * Beastly, Stanley has a carnal physical force that is apparent in his affection for work, of battling, and of sex * Represents reality * â€Å"He acts like a creature, has an animal’s propensities! Eats like one, moves like one, talks like one! There’s in any event, something sub-human †something not exactly to the phase of humankind yet! Indeed, something †chimp like about him, similar to one of those photos I’ve seen in †anthropological studies.With his Polish family line, he speaks to the new, heterogeneous America† †Scene 4 (Blanche) * Destroys Blanche’s dream Investigation of limit among outside and inside sets. Two room Kowalski loft reflects encompassing avenues. Scene 10: abnormal threatening shapes, wilderness commotions and mutilated music are utilized to reflect Blanche’s fear. Scenes 10 and 11: The utilization of contorted shapes and wilderness cries as images of human pitilessness. Scene 9: We hear the vendor’s cry of the Mexican Woman, â€Å"Flores, flores para los muertos† (blossoms, blossoms for the dead). It follows the second when Mitch impugns Blanche as a liar and immediately will not wed her. Blanche and Stella have tremendous reliance on male colleagues as it is their best way to accomplish bliss (their food and mental self portrait are reflected through men) Scene 4 Blanche perceives that Stella could be more joyful without the harsh spouse for help, yet this is tricky as she calls Shep Huntleigh for monetary help. Stella picks Stanley for affection †Williams doesn't scrutinize yet clarifies that there is a FUTURE with him. A Streetcar Named Desire Plot Analysis Most great stories start with a crucial rundown of fixings: the underlying circumstance, strife, intricacy, peak, tension, end result, and end. Extraordinary journalists here and there shake up the formula and include some zest. Starting Situation â€Å"Meat!† Indeed, that’s right †the early associations among Stella and her better half establish the underlying circumstance of A Streetcar Named Desire. It’s significant for us as the peruser/crowd to see business as usual of the Kowalski’s relationship before Blanche appears and changes it for the term of the play. Strife Blanche shows up; something is going on The quick physical incoherency of Blanche and her environmental factors tells us that she isn’t going to fit in well here in New Orleans. Her first discussion with Stella alludes to privileged insights she’s attempting to cover up. What's more, her first experience with Stanley is created with pressure, sexual and something else. All the updates on the loss of Belle Reve doesn’t help, either. Confusion Blanche’s relationship with Stanley develops increasingly hostile, particularly as Stanley studies Blanche’s past in Laurel. Blanche and Stanley’s relationship develops increasingly troublesome, with Blanche continually offending him, and Stanley getting progressively irate and forceful. Stanley additionally finds out about Blanche’s mystery past, which he advises Stella and Mitch of. These different, little confusions are what current author and writer John Barth calls â€Å"incremental perturbations† †the water gets muddier a tiny bit at a time as the play advances, and each new entanglement includes a layer of force and passionate load to the story. Peak Scene Ten †the assault Did you notice that Stanley says to Blanche, â€Å"We’ve had this date with one another from the beginning!†? We realize that 1) Stanley doesn’t like Blanche, 2) he takes out his resentment genuinely, and 3) he’s essentially characterized by his sexual animosity. This scene appears the inescapable aftereffect of their inexorably adversarial relationship. Anticipation As of now occurred In this play, the anticipation stage can be found in Scene Ten with the Climax. The tension forms as we watch Blanche connect with Stanley, make a rushed call, proclaim over and again that she’s â€Å"caught in a trap,† and attempt to flee. When the assault is finished, we enter Scene Eleven moving forward without any more tension. Outcome Scene Eleven With the assault and the introduction of Stella and Stanley’s kid completely finished with, the play’s last scene has â€Å"falling action† composed on top of it. Blanche’s drop into franticness is finished, and we’re now taking a gander at the fallout to the obliteration that occurred at the prior peak. End Stanley and Stella on the patio together Stella’s response to Blanche’s condition and story with respect to her significant other, and her choice to carry on her marriage regardless of it, comprise the play’s end. This is summarized pleasantly in the picture of her sitting on the patio with her infant in her arms, tolerating solace from her significant other after her sister’s simply been hauled away to an establishment. Exchange Scene 9: â€Å"when I pass on, I’m going to pass on the Sea.† †demonstrating how in the wake of everything Blanche is blamed for and gotten through, her dream is to be by the ocean, washed perfect and quiet. Scene 9: â€Å"die..hand close by of some decent looking ship’s specialist, an extremely youthful one..† †Again, Blanche has consistently fantasized over youngsters, there are numerous references to Blanche and young fellows all through the play. Scene 9: â€Å"I don’t need authenticity, I need enchantment. Magic.† †Throughout the play Blanche is the image of Fantasy. She despises the state of affairs in all actuality, thus let’s herself live in her own fantasy world. Scene 4: â€Å"He acts like a creature, has an animal’s propensities! Eats like one, moves like one, talks like one!† †Blanche likes to consider individuals in a more outworldy way. She attempts to legitimize the manner in which Stanley is by saying he’s just not human. Stage headings Scene 7: Contrapuntal organizing †incongruity with Blanches singing and Stanley’s tattling. â€Å"it wouldn’t be pretend, except if you have confidence in me† †Blanches pixie like melodies , taking her back to her fantasy world, needing to escape from the real world. The music of the ‘Blue Piano’. †occasionally Blanche gets through her dreamland and into reality once more, this is indicated when the ‘blue piano’ plays. It is a memory of her dead spouse, and the way that he passed on. From Blanche’s response towards the music playing, we can tell it is a memory she wishes to overlook: ‘she influences and covers her face’, ‘the polka block grows dim. Her breath is drawn and discharged in long, thankful sobs.’ Reference index: Blue piano, enchantment AO3 points of view and perspectives: * Marxist perspective: Looking at the play ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’, it very well may be broke down through a Marxist point of view, adding something extra to how the class battle all through the play is unmistakable in building up Blanche’s job. Blanche and Stella are from a wealthy foundation, a ranch called â€Å"belle reve†. Stella has lived in Ne

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Essay Sample Is Nuclear Energy Really Safe

Essay Sample Is Nuclear Energy Really Safe Nuclear energy has a lot of myths and it makes people wonder if it’s really safe or not for nature and all living beings. Greenpeace representatives are sure that there’s no place for nuclear energy and nuclear pollution in this word. If we don’t see something with our eyes, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. However, nuclear energy is cheap and it’s popular in many countries nowadays. Considering the environmental effects of nuclear power plants can give the true answer to the popular question regarding the safety. The dangers of nuclear power plants We all can remember or find the information online about the tragedy in Chernobyl where thousands of people suffered from so-called safe nuclear power. The radiation killed people and it was just the result of the release of the nuclear materials in the air because of an explosion. People were there and most of them didn’t survive. There’s always a chance of a huge catastrophe on any nuclear plant. There are no nuclear power plant safety systems that are used globally. There are no firm solutions that could guarantee the safety and the stable operation of all the nuclear plants in the world. No matter what country you live in. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have nuclear plants in your city or even state. The radioactive dust and clouds will reach you at any part of the globe and they will fall down on the ground in a form of rain drops. Nothing can clean the ground and the things from radioactive parts. How does the plant work? Is nuclear power safe for the environment? They all produce wastes that are radioactive. The wastes are buried under the ground in special boxes and containers. However, these wastes leak into the ground and kill everything around. The consequence of the leakage can be very sad if there are any water bodies on or under the surface of the ground. Radioactive parts don’t smell and you cannot see them. The safety of nuclear power plants Radioactive parts surround us all the time. If we take the territory of the US and its residents, they get less of half of one percent of the radiation from nuclear plants. People can get radiation from: Coal; Flights in airplanes; Bananas and fruits. And you can get more radiation from these things than from nuclear power. It’s obvious that a working plant cannot hurt anyone. Modern configurations and designs of the plants let them work stable and smooth. An explosion cannot happen thanks to dozens of preventive tools and techniques that are used on every plant. A plant is not a bomb anyhow. A regular nuclear plant doesn’t emit any harmful gasses or other wastes during its workflow. It doesn’t require using other types of energy and it saves the atmosphere. Other plants producing energy provide more harm of the environment. It’s safe as there are no facts of injuring a single worker at the plants on the territory of the US for the last fifty years. So working there is at the same level of safety as working in a regular office. Real environmental benefits of nuclear energy A great benefit is recycling the wastes that nuclear plants produce. About 90-95% of them can be recycled and this makes the nuclear energy safe and secure for the environment. There are a lot of myths concerning the wastes and that they leak into the ground and spoil everything around. It’s not true. If we take all the wastes that have been produced on the territory of the US for the last fifty years, we will be able to put them on one football field. There are no wastes and no emissions into the air. Is nuclear power clean? The answer is obvious now. If more people could get reliable information about the nuclear power and the work of the plants, they wouldn’t be so afraid of it. However, the safety also depends on the smooth and clear workflow of the staff that works on the plant. The reason for the explosion in Chernobyl in 1986 was a mistake made by the personnel. Many Americans are afraid that they will have to experience one more Chernobyl in the future. There are no real reasons to worry about as the type of the reactor that is used in the US differs from the type of the reactor that was used in Chernobyl. That type was only used on the territory of the Soviet Union, so the safety of the equipment that is used in the US is also of high quality. Is nuclear power safe? Yes or No? There cannot be one answer as opinions of different organizations and different people are not the same. Greenpeace representatives are sure that nuclear power is an obsolete thing that shouldn’t be used in the modern world. And there are opinions and proofs that nuclear plants don’t pollute the air and it’s one of the cheapest variants to produce energy for the population and other plants that work on the territory of the US. One single answer is a wrong answer to the question whether the nuclear power is safe. There were cases of real tragedies that occurred in the past and killed many people. And there are the figures that show that no plants will ever explode in the future. We can assume that the proper approach to the staff workflow and the operation of the plant can guarantee smooth and safe coexistence of nature and nuclear plants one next to another. The right safety measures in nuclear power plant can predict and prevent any kind of catastrophe. However, no one can predict the future of nuclear plants in fifty or one hundred years. More and more people start looking around and asking questions about the safety of all the nuclear plants that work in the US. Such awareness will help defeat all the myths and choose the safest variant of generating energy.

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Through A Lens, Darkly The Use of Eye Imagery to Illustrate the Theme of an Extinct God in The Great Gatsby - Literature Essay Samples

Throughout history, the eye has always been an emblem of the deities. In the Egyptian pantheon, there is Horus, god of light, who is signified by his famous Eye; in the Roman pantheon, there is Juno, associated with the many-eyed peacock; and in the Hindu pantheon, there is the three-eyed Shiva, with his celestial left and right eyes and inner one of fire. Ergo, it is a common connection that F. Scott Fitzgerald makes in his novel The Great Gatsby, when he uses an oculary motif to link to the idea of God, and, more specifically, to develop and explore the theme of Gods death in the materialistic and careless world of The Great Gatsby.Nowhere in the novel is there a clearer example of the tie between the death of God and the motif of eyes than in the valley of ashes. The eyes of Dr. T.J. Eckleburg, left to the dust and ash of the valley half way between West Egg and New York, hang over the characters, seemingly all-seeing, watching as the events of The Great Gatsby unfold before them. Nick says, describing the valley of ashes,Evidently some wild wag of an oculist set them there to fatten his practice in the borough of Queens, and then sank down himself into eternal blindness, or forgot them and moved away. But his eyes, dimmed a little by many paintless days, under sun and rain, brood on over the solemn dumping ground. (27-28)Given the characters apotheosis of these eyes, it seems that Fitzgerald has intended to introduce a false god into the novel; indeed, it is to the billboard that George Wilson makes reference when he tells Myrtle, his philandering wife, that God knows what youve been doing, everything youve been doing. You may fool me, but you cant fool God!' (167). However, the true God has died: the valley of ashes as Fitzgerald depicts it is a forsaken, barren place. The only figure of life in it is Myrtle, whose buxom vitality strongly contrasts with her surroundings, and who is doomed to an untimely death. As he keeps company with George after Myrtles murder, Michaelis, who runs the dining establishment door, is surprised by Georges reference to the billboard, and remarks Thats an advertisement' (167). This deification of Dr. Eckleburgs eyes is rife throughout the novel, and it is of interest to note that the oculists overpowering eyes are only a facsimile, an advertisement it is as if the media itself has slipped into the place of a departed deity.The car that runs Myrtle Wilson down is driven by Daisy Buchanan, who is described as having a face that is sad and lovely with bright things in it, bright eyes and a bright passionate mouth (13-14). Daisy, while on the surface the very embodiment of her name, is nevertheless one of the most careless and irreverent people in the novel, but certainly one of the most powerful, through her marriage to Tom and Gatsbys obsession with her. Her eyes are described as well-loved (97), and upon the firing of Gatsbys coterie of servants, Nick is quick to jump to the conclusion that the whole ca ravansary had fallen in like a card house at the disapproval in her eyes (120). In Francis Cugats famed artwork for the cover of The Great Gatsby, he depicts the eyes and lips of a flapper, presumably Daisy. As Cugats painting was finished prior to the completion of the novel, Fitzgerald certainly was influenced by it. While the flappers eyes appear bright and lovely at first glance, on closer inspection it is revealed that they also enclose recumbent nudes, a reference to Daisys sybaritic and restless lifestyle. Daisy is a pivotal character in the novel, and certainly one of the most reckless; she mercilessly runs over Myrtle in Gatsbys car, takes advantage of Gatsby himself, and ultimately is untouched by any of this. Nick says of her, [Gatsby] knew that when he kissed this girl, and forever wed his unutterable visions to her perishable breath, his mind would never romp again like the mind of God (117). Daisy is the most godless of all the characters in The Great Gatsby; while not without emotion or interest in others, she is ruled by her desire for money and the Good Life.Fitzgerald also utilizes other imagery to further his theme of Gods demise, but none as pervasive or convincing as the motif of eyes. Nietzsches well-known words come to mind at the close of the novel, God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him. Daisy with her starry eyes, the avarice that drives her, and the media (as personified by Dr. T.J. Eckleburgs disembodied ones) were certainly instrumental in the heartless killing, Gatsby and God alike. So Fitzgerald begins his novel, with his narrator Nick Carraway disillusioned, seeing the fading billboard of Dr. T.J. Eckleburgs eyes for what it truly is.

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Personal Statement On Finding Passion - 1334 Words

I personally have struggled with finding passion in my career. My undergraduate degree is in business with an emphasis in accounting, which I chose mainly due to the vast array and availability of jobs. Furthermore, I have passed the Uniform Certified Public Accounting exam, which has contributed to the stereotype that I enjoy the accounting profession. Nonetheless, the accounting career field is not where my passion resides, but I have found that I have a knack for performing the job responsibilities associated with it and have achieved quick career growth doing so. However, the growth I have experienced in my career has not been strictly related to performing accounting work, but by finding ways to integrate my passion of finding ways to use available technology resources to efficiently perform my job duties. In doing so, I have also found a passion for helping others become more efficient by teaching them the concepts and ways I have used to become more efficient. This passio n has enabled me to be more effective in confronting inevitable organizational changes by adapting to changes and solving problems with agility and flexibility. In doing so, I have taken a leadership role within my organization in helping guide other employees in confronting similar challenges. Additionally, I have found that I must practice patience with other employees who may not be as agile in adjusting to changes. By providing a mentoring spirit and taking the time to help otherShow MoreRelatedA Life Beyond Do What You Love Essay1698 Words   |  7 Pagesa case about 59% of Americans come down with every Sunday night before starting the work week ahead. These people absolutely dread going to work every week, the majority of them wishing they could be able to quit their jobs and chase after their passions. A highly credible philosophical professor named Dr. Gordon Marino, made an entire article arguing why it would be inadequate and unethical for someone to quit a job that i s necessary in order to provide for something bigger than oneself, that workingRead MoreThe Sunday Night Blues : A Case About 59 Essay1700 Words   |  7 Pagesa case about 59% of Americans come down with every Sunday night before starting the work week ahead. These people absolutely dread going to work every week, the majority of them wishing they could be able to quit their jobs and chase after their passions. A highly credible philosophical professor named Dr. Gordon Marino, made an entire article arguing why it would be inadequate and unethical for someone to quit a job that is necessary in order to provide for something bigger than oneself, that workingRead MoreDifferent Empirical Research Studies From The Book The Grand Canyon University Library By Baum And Locke1173 Words   |  5 PagesLeader Performance.† Article one contributes to the dread of personal characteristic and the effects they may have on entrepreneur, was to examine military leaders, and civilian lea dership skills which are critical to being a successful leader. Article two examines leadership characteristics and capabilities. . Baum and Locke (2004) study â€Å"contributes to the revival of interest in understanding the effects of entrepreneurs’ personal characteristics, importance between the relationship of traitsRead MoreMy Personal Philosophy Of Innovation1290 Words   |  6 PagesLeadership: A Personal Philosophy To embrace the person that you are, in a time and place where everyone seems to be telling you that you should be everything but the person that you are, is a daunting but worthwhile challenge. I believe that it is in the acceptance of our true selves, imperfections and all, that we gain the ability to view others through a lens colored with compassion and acceptance. It is then that we can become a leader who is self-aware and emotionally competent. Personal PhilosophyRead MoreHow Does Your Passion Shape Your Future1169 Words   |  5 PagesHow does your passion shape your future? In today’s era, one could quiet observe that the most famous statement is, â€Å"The future lies in the hands of the youth†. But, had this question not entered into our minds—â€Å"How can this be possible?† Living in a seemingly unprogressive nation, we, the youth, could help make it possible by starting to consider first our very own selves instead of blaming it all to the authorities. Take responsibility for your life. Experiment with different things and you’llRead MoreGun Legislation Essay991 Words   |  4 Pagesshares personal examples of his beliefs of gun ownership and personal examples of how his life changed once he bought a Crossman Power Master 760 BB Repeater pump gun. After purchasing the gun, he believed that the reason people like guns so much is because of a passion that gun owners feel. He stated, This is the feeling that explains their passion, their religious fervor, their refusal to yield. Its rooted in the gut, not in the h ead (Verhulst 342). He also realized that personal thoughtsRead MorePast Present and Future1580 Words   |  7 Pagesof Science in Management program is designed to develop professional knowledge and skills of general managers in their organization or professional industry by improving organizational effectiveness (University of Phoenix, 2006). UOP s mission statement focuses on student learning and takes the team approach to learning, similar to every day real world business. Two years ago, while riding in an elevator a fellow employee told me about the University of Phoenix, and I was drawn to a program thatRead MoreWhat Makes A Vocation? Essay1247 Words   |  5 Pagesâ€Å"successful†? The reason for that is because our society thrives on competition and being able to â€Å"do more.† There are many ways to do that and I personally haven’t found a specific calling yet. Although I don’t have a specific vocation, I do have some passions that fuel me to be a better person, and I do believe that one day those could lead me to my vocation. In order to describe how I have got to where I am I think it is best to tell my background story and tell you why I am here today. I have alwaysRead MoreEvaluation Of The Interview Protocol Consisted Of Closed And Open Ended Questions1738 Words   |  7 Pagesdata reduction procedures required the identification of all significant statements embedded within transcriptions, participant journals, and the researchers field notes; therefore all significant statement were highlighted. The development of codes through clustering significant statements and information was the third phase in the data reduction process. Creating categories to represent the data and shed light to the personal experiences of the participants was an imperative step in the data analysisRead MoreLeadership Is Special Characteristics Of Leadership946 Words   |  4 Pagesorder to ensure getting the best results from implementing core functions. According the textbook leadership can be taught by Personal mastery, which means every person in learning organization working to develop his/her knowledge and skills over times as well as building up on personal strengths. Mental models, which means each person has outlook on the world based on personal values and experiences, learning organization helps individuals to understands these factors and how these affects their ability